The Moray Suite

The Moray Suite

A collection of songs and stories about life on a farm through the four seasons. Told through the medium of multi-media and a live show which brings together the songs in a unique story.telling experience.

The show starts with "Another New Year" and ends with "The Christmas Tree" having journeyed through a fictious year with stories, anecdotes and songs.

All the songs and tunes were written by North East farmer and musician Colin Campbell

The Moray Suite

Songs and Stories

of the

Moray Landscape

Some songs and stories from the show

The Great Kildonan Gold Rush

or Baile an Òr (The Village of the Gold)

In 1896 3 Moray loons are placed under an enchantment by the ancient spell "There's Gold in them thar hills"

You might think they's be heading for Coloma,California, the Klondyke in Canada or maybe New South Wales in Australia. However their target was more rural, a tiny Highland Glen in Sutherland known as the Strath of Kildonan

Some multi-media

images from the show

Coming Soon - 10th Dec 2022

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The Moray Suite Extended Show

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